Tips for Nervous Parents of Teen Drivers

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Parents are often nervous driving with their teenagers at the wheel. Whether the child is just learning to drive or preparing for their DMV test, parents tend to be especially anxious about teaching their children how to become safe drivers. At Trillium Driving School in Georgia, we help quell these concerns. With a variety of services that help educate drivers and prepare them for the road, we are the driving school Georgia trusts. Our team has put together a quick breakdown of how parents can feel more comfortable with their teen drivers. Continue reading to learn more!

Defensive Driving Courses

As a parent, you need to think about safety first. It should go without saying, but do not let your teen drive if they do not have a clear understanding of how to operate a vehicle safely. With this in mind, enroll them in Trillium Driving School. With behind-the-wheel training, comprehensive driver's education courses, and defensive driving classes, we help Georgian drivers navigate town safely. If you search for "driving schools near me", then you won't want to scroll past Trillium.

Our defensive driving classes in particular help ease the minds of nervous parents, as our instructors help instill confidence through nurturing relevant safety skills behind the wheel. Improving anticipatory skills, driving control, and recognition of various situations, we recommend defensive driving to all new drivers.

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Set Expectations

Don't judge your teenager too quickly. When teens are learning to drive, they do not know all the rules and regulations that experienced Georgia drivers are familiar with. As they progress through the learning process, teens will make mistakes driving and it's understandable for a parent to be frustrated after witnessing these missteps. But it is important for parents to not judge their children too quickly. Set reasonable expectations for teenagers behind the wheel. They won't be flawless out of the gate; be prepared to help and respond to concerns so both you and your child can be comfortable.

Continue Learning

If a teenager has a hiccup behind the wheel, then don't give up. Scares happen, especially in the learning phase. With the help of driving instructors — such as those here at Trillium Driving School — these errors can be a thing of the past. There is always some pressure while operating these vehicles, getting your teen back at it under the controlled environment of our driving school is a great and effective way to calm these nerves. With a willingness to learn and try again, mishaps will begin to slow and disappear.

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Be a Role Model

On top of utilizing driving schools and driver's education classes, one of the most important things you can do for your teenage driver is be a good role model. Often, we learn by example. So you need to set a standard of safe driving with your child in the car. Don't exhibit any harmful or dangerous habits; practice responsible driving and teach your teenager through safe actions.

Naturally, as a parent, you will always have some concern over your child operating a vehicle independently. But with the steps listed above, you can feel more secure about them doing so. Play your part as a standard-setter and enlist us to help as educators and guides. Together, we can make things easy for everyone on the road. Instilling strong habits and effective lessons, your teen will be all set for a successful life navigating the road. To learn more about how Trillium Driving School can help ease any nerves you may have about your child behind the wheel, contact us today.


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